Howdy – Cali Leopold ’11

My name is Cali Leopold and am a May, 2011 graduate of Texas A&M University earning a History degree with a minor in Communications.  I located your information on the Denver Aggies website and am contacting you asking for some career search assistance.  It is my intention to relocate to the Denver, Colorado area in the near future and to look for employment.  I am hoping that you might kindly direct me to any job leads or prospective career opportunities to that end.  I am very much interested in a career in Public Relations, specifically working with corporate clients and corporate event planning.  I feel that I am well suited with the organizational skills and attention to detail that is required for effective and successful corporate event coordination and planning.  Understanding that professional training will be a requisite, I am looking forward to making that career commitment to a high profile prospective employer that is needing that entry level candidate who will ultimately enhance their PR team.

While attending Texas A&M, I was very active in the Chi Omega sorority and provided campaign leadership with the “Five for Yell”  yell leader elections.  I also invested a significant amount of time and leadership service with the YoungLife Caprenaum program.

I would very much appreciate any advice or guidance that you may have for me as I begin my search.  I will  promptly  provide any additional  personal or educational information that you deem helpful in your review.

Thank you for your time and attention to my inquiry.

Sincerely,  Cali K. Leopold  ‘11

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